About me

Katerina ( Kasea ) Petrikova graduated as an architect at Faculty of Architecture at Technical University of Brno in 1988. She realized her projects at home, in Czech Republic, and also in another countries ( U.S.A., Uruguay, Srí Lanka and Greece ). Concurrently with her architectural work she was allways creating some kind of art ( hand made jewellery and fashion made from different kind of materials,big paintings on the silk, body and face, ceramics ) and she was expressing herself as a dancer as well.


In 2011 she rediscovered her potential as a painter and started to use oil pastels as a medium. Her artworks are authentic abstracts, colourful, moving and dreamlike..


Since 2013 she has been working on her new project „ The Way of Mandala“. There she found a great potential for selfdiscovery, healing, centering, heart opening, developing of creative skills, harmonization and joy. She would like to share and cooperate with other people in this project


At 2016 - 2017 she  works on " Personal Mandalas " directly for clients. This is amazing work, which sometimes discover things from clients subconscious and much more. Wonderfull work for both, client an the author.


Than at 2018 she creates her first soft pastels and since 2019 founds a passion in acrylic painting on canvas and it lasts till now



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